Men's Handmade Comfortable Non-Slip Loafers: Assorted Colors for Maximum Style and Comfort!

Color : Light Brown
Size(Us) : 6
Comfortable and Stylish: CLOHOO Men's Handmade Loafers are designed to provide comfort and style to your feet. The soft allaround leather and breathable insoles make them perfect for everyday wear.
Assorted Colors: These loafers come in a variety of brilliant colors that are sure to match any outfit. Choose from black, brown, blue, and more to find the perfect pair for you.
NonSlip Sole: The solid bottom of these loafers provides a good grip on the sidewalk, and you won't feel anything through the shoe, not even walking on rocks. The shoes are extremely flexible yet still have a nice solid bottom.
Removable Insole: The insole of these loafers is removable and soft, providing a comfortable feeling to your feet. You can easily replace it with your own custom insole if needed.
Perfect Fit: The shoes fit true to size, so you don't have to worry about ordering the wrong size. The size chart is accurate, and you can measure your feet accordingly to get the perfect fit.